Harmonization in Diversification: Richard Bartos

The harmony to be had in the field of diversityIs in the aim of universal integralismwhich transcends yet includes prioritythus evolution can occur which activismcoming to more progressions in continuityand we saw just there is presentedthe advent of the concept of holarchywhich is completeness and also inventedthe aspect of being apart of something elseas an … Continue reading Harmonization in Diversification: Richard Bartos

Eve of Celebration: Richard Bartos

(Fire Monkey Year, February 18, 2016 that began at 11pm) So now before usTransmutation by temporalization will occurAnd year mutes into the other thereofEstablishing new patterns to cause for sureThe endless happening multiple variationsTo come forth by the dependently-arisen Karmic momentum which are directionsCan cause change of courses and decisionsWhen wisely based on deliberations lead toBetterment … Continue reading Eve of Celebration: Richard Bartos

Buddha’s in the Park: Enlightened Ease: Richard Bortos

Like it was over two thousand andFive hundred years ago in the city of BenaresA sermon taught so beganThe teaching of Shakamuni Buddha which declaresThat suffering is the nature of existenceThat suffering arises from our cravingThat craving from our desires insistenceThat suffering is ended with cravings ravingsThat only cause more suffering with whichIts ending ends … Continue reading Buddha’s in the Park: Enlightened Ease: Richard Bortos

Abound upon my Abscondings By Richard Bartos

Oh! Goddess of my proclivities show yourself, upon my abeyance of your natural senses, upon my natural affects and engulf yourself, with the effortlessness that is your fences. Upon effort made will show such defenseless, and your senselessness will devour, my assaults upon your defenses, such being anti-climax’s sour. Before my masculine offenses because, as … Continue reading Abound upon my Abscondings By Richard Bartos

Contagion, Contemplation, Continuum: Richard Bartos

More, more meditation to bring realization, of nirvana and momentum of mindfulness, allowing the wheel of Dharma to bring fruition, of all its positive aspects and banefulness, to be ousted from each life gleefully results, this showing that inverse proportionality can, be accomplished as good is up and bad to ban, because it is a … Continue reading Contagion, Contemplation, Continuum: Richard Bartos