Creating my Artwork: Jo-Anne Paley

Brainstorming- or trying to relax and suddenly be inspired with unstopable exhilerating outbursts of continual inspirations. Artists focus on skills: determined to out-do their most ecent impulsive collaborations. Recycling ideas from masterpieces once setting standards in their past era fighting the copying of other's original artwork. You may feel like laughing or crying: and emotional … Continue reading Creating my Artwork: Jo-Anne Paley

Dogs: Betty Carmichael

We had a dog named Fido I had a dog named Care George had a dog named Ebony When George was a security guard he had 2 Doberman Pinschers Myrna had a dog named Bingo My nephew had a dog Oreo So you can see that a dog is our best Friend

The Winter Flight: Cassandra Kulay

The muse touches upon me lightly as I chase inspiration in flights of fantasy, interpreting each dream in words, my awareness is blanketed by snow falling, each crystalline structure unique blending into sameness, collective consciousness covering individualities, quietly embracing trees, buildings, the ground, gently bonding to shine white with a frozen gleam of ice, how … Continue reading The Winter Flight: Cassandra Kulay

Solved Another Riddle Parallel Universes: Jordan Derksen

You have your opinion? I have mine. You are the master of your universe… You have your perception of the world and I have mine… Therefore, there are parallel universes. Yours and mine and many more. Parallel universes coexisting separately and infinitely, as ones perception of the universe only expands. There are millions, of billions … Continue reading Solved Another Riddle Parallel Universes: Jordan Derksen