You called me a deity The night you worshipped me Placing me high in the skies Where I could see eternity You gave me so much energy You called me an angel You gave me divinity And placed me in between The moons and the suns There in the stars I became a constellation Beaming … Continue reading Deity

The Moving

Minds ponder eyes wander bodies always moving trying to find proving Of what life is. Life is an obsession, one looking for a deep possession. What is Art, without life? What is life, without Art? Art would not be without life and would not be without Art. To be here today would not be without … Continue reading The Moving

Smile For You

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today, I started Smiling too. I passed around the corner, and someone saw My grin. When he smiled, I realized, I’d passed it on To him. I thought about that smile, then I realized Its worth. A single smile, just like … Continue reading Smile For You


When the truth smiles at you and says you have to wait years have gone by and tomorrow is still the same everyone has lied, it seems, but the truth that makes you wait is still yours crows land in a church yard while you wait love pounds in the paper and electricity vision sees … Continue reading Resilience


Can I accept the quiet? The suffering? The loneliness? Can I be? okay with it? Can I sit in it? and just be fine to live in the stillness of loneliness and pain? Can I take it and let it be what it is? and accept the suffering for now. Heaven awaits believers!!


Smooth out the wrinkles Don’t move so fast Take time for the moment Before it’s passed Wanting more Is a thief of a thought Gathering speed Always wanting for not Cast your tears in the ocean Where they all meet Shed them out in the open Put them to rest at your feet One thought … Continue reading Rest


You’re still there I hold you closer, Pull you Wanting, yearning to feel safety. The trickle comes Shaking its way down my skin Do I let you know Do I brush it, so you are unknowing Of the salt Of the secret being shared That was kept Years ago Never to show Vulnerability Such an … Continue reading THE SALT

Missing You

The snow creates a thin layer on the ground, that something I'm missing is something I've found. The bits and pieces of the past have got me thinking nothing good can last. Still, when I'm with you it feels like fate, as if we've known each other somewhere, somehow, someday and I know that if … Continue reading Missing You