Abound upon my Abscondings By Richard Bartos

Oh! Goddess of my proclivities show yourself,
upon my abeyance of your natural senses,
upon my natural affects and engulf yourself,
with the effortlessness that is your fences.
Upon effort made will show such defenseless,
and your senselessness will devour,
my assaults upon your defenses,
such being anti-climax’s sour.
Before my masculine offenses because,
as such being for you aroused before,
my masculine offenses are so the cause,
of your feminine defences become afore.
The capitulations of the so-called fornications,
which will lead to proclamation,
of the senses which lead to extrapolation,
of the causation that leads to ejaculation.
And the finalization of this causation,
we see before us the becoming of tragedy,
upon the chest and faces thankfully,
are the true receiving as such a true coming,
that we receive the true beseeching truth,
so what becomes of us the true becoming,
to realization of life’s direction and its benumbing termination.