Contagion, Contemplation, Continuum: Richard Bartos

More, more meditation to bring realization,
of nirvana and momentum of mindfulness,
allowing the wheel of Dharma to bring fruition,
of all its positive aspects and banefulness,
to be ousted from each life gleefully results,
this showing that inverse proportionality can,
be accomplished as good is up and bad to ban,
because it is a downer and results in a negative,
but certainly if it is right then out it comes positive,
which when the obscurations of suffering,
are and lead to non-analytical ceasing,
where suffering is destroyed by foe-destroyers.
And there is permanent destruction of sorrows,
we see that the continuum of the mediators,
will condition our honing of better tomorrows,
by the goodness known as basic by which,
the once was Buddha-nature of nirvana
in nature but it is really an experiential,
understanding when its realization from samsaric,
nature is to go from conceptualization,
to a constant improvement to realization,
of our conditioning  contagion, contemplation.