Buddha’s in the Park: Enlightened Ease: Richard Bortos

Like it was over two thousand and
Five hundred years ago in the city of Benares
A sermon taught so began
The teaching of Shakamuni Buddha which declares
That suffering is the nature of existence
That suffering arises from our craving
That craving from our desires insistence
That suffering is ended with cravings ravings
That only cause more suffering with which
Its ending ends pain and the key to it all
Is ending desire ending craving ending with
Sufferings demise and the too total
Extinction of these three fires
The Noble eight-fold path and unfolded
Leads to non-suffering for the traveled
Pilgrim seeking the gain of non-pain
By our efforts upon the self and the
Realization having done so with good guides aims
We are in progressive good continuity
To see vistas and possible Buddha-Fields
Mandalas in the sky and other Luminosities.

To verify our non-conceptual yields

Sitting in the park of the French ridge

We see our steps to reach out and awaken bridge

That we started long ago and cross without a hedge