Eve of Celebration: Richard Bartos

(Fire Monkey Year, February 18, 2016 that began at 11pm)

So now before us
Transmutation by temporalization will occur
And year mutes into the other thereof
Establishing new patterns to cause for sure
The endless happening multiple variations
To come forth by the dependently-arisen 
Karmic momentum which are directions
Can cause change of courses and decisions
When wisely based on deliberations lead to
Betterment of final conclusions sighted
Just goes to show sewing and reaping true
Is a cause and effect to delighted
Recipients being based upon thee 
Bliss and happiness which wisdom can
Give when the factors of present and futuristically
Events in our continuums consciously fan
The fire of Nirvanic change and diminuation
Of the Samsaric and the increase of Nirvanic
Will be worked to the coming capitulation
When our presentations is the end that is Buddhistic.