Harmonization in Diversification: Richard Bartos

The harmony to be had in the field of diversity
Is in the aim of universal integralism
which transcends yet includes priority
thus evolution can occur which activism
coming to more progressions in continuity
and we saw just there is presented
the advent of the concept of holarchy
which is completeness and also invented
the aspect of being apart of something else
as an atom is of a molecule and that is of a cell
to lead to tissue and an organism in fulness
we see the holarchy concept with of is well
that of holon in which holarchies are composed
and each holon includes what was before and
as well transcend in evolution to transpose
itself higher and nest contain nests up, down, beyond
To show that the Cosmos is infinite up and
down in the holonic nest we are there
in the evolutionary march as it may show grand
itself to us or not we find just how it can bear
to incorporate and transcend in existence as
it unfolds in diversity for with continuity which
makes for the process to be inclusive has holon and holarchies to go on without a hitch.