Give & Take: Richard Bartos

Give and take is the commerce of all life,
which sometimes resembles a monopoly game,
we like to get what we want but strife
may accompany it,
and even with a sense of shame.
When you see life as cyclic,
you will see that it is not such a complex
nature if you see the patterns begin & end,
when insight is evolved and less of a hex.
We can overcome obstacles if brought to,
brought to a head and one manages to get ahead not dead,
wherefore your efforts are rewarded true,
and the horizon is full of possibilities instead.
Business is a sense of diminishing profits,
or increasing depending on your outlook,
wholesale or retail as long as no demerits,
of recessionary aspects occur that spook.
Equity or fairness of an economic nature,
will prevail as long as profits are distributed,
and proportionality of them as the stature,
along with an ethical honesty contributed.
You will find that the occurrence in life,
is besides physical can also be emotional,
dollar for dollar tear for tear strife for strife,
comes and goes like situations so seasonal.