Winter of Winnipeg: Richard Bartos

The weather that is bestowed upon us,
so for, if extrapolated will make it,
Appear that the season is a true bonus,
and we can infer hopefully warm transit
Of the elements in this processing time
whereby more can be accomplished with it,
As will be seen by resulting happy chimes,
And then taken rewardingly profit
To let the returns come back to those,
who are adventurer and entrepreneur,
To who business is thus a much larger so,
A backgammon set upon with no obscure,
Moves made without deliberation and reflection,
but it is a microverse yet still needs means,
To make ends wind up the way near perfection,
and while the game progresses it seems,
To lead an upwards swerve as time flows,
to one or the other of the players’ luckiness,
Which ends according to the dice it goes,
and you will be there to see rise and fall as witness,
So like the game and life itself you can see,
the pattern of up and down but the thing is,
to keep playing and if you cannot then wisely,
it is best to retire and in one piece than pieces.