Gerbilwocky By Susan Maria Rowley

The musical ___like godspell _____only different skittering down deserted ___back alleys _____full of payday fervor with jazzy hands ___floating into BFI bins faithful to the deities ___of the half-basement suites where hollyhock's ghosts ___whisper saxophone memories in the damp nights of temptation ___ the gerbilwocky will survive even this _____ and other busloads of _____peanut … Continue reading Gerbilwocky By Susan Maria Rowley

The Man: Tania Skelly

A man’s man With a whimsical Boy’s heart. How he delighted us From the very start. True to his lady Nothing is above Acceptance and resilience Gentle breeze like Wings of a dove. Forth comes every kindness Tales of happy lifting truth. Gentle man From better times. Soul of gleaming Handsome youth.