Chaos with a Bank Card: Richard Edwards

My wife and I share a bank card.  I went out and did a little shopping for Halloween.  Then we went out to pay our bill, the cable she was afraid we would not have funds for it.   I told her, we did!

Then when we did this, she forgot she paid it.  So, we paid it again.  Then she was yelling that the money that we have in the other account is paid by this account.  I was telling her no it was not.

I removed the bank card and gave it to her but she forgot this.  She continued to yell at me, that I forgot the card.  I must have it.  So, she cancels the card.

Two days later, I poke my nose into her purse and find it. Right where it usually is.  Sitting there as plain day looking at me as I looked at.  So, we go to the bank then she is advised that she will need her birth certificate to do this after this.

Then we have the bank machine print up our payments.  Thus we find out; we have paid the bill twice.  So, our creditors are not going to be wanting to be seeing us, yet.  As we are a month ahead of our cable bill.

Surprise we are behind with tenant fees. Next week we will be okay. Yipppy!