August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: One Summer Night

One summer night
I was waiting
underneath the stars.
Darkness covered
the sky and
darkness covered
my heart.
I was waiting.
I was praying
for you.

I could not gamble
my soul away.
I could not let
the dice lift death
and risk my last faith.
I waited
for the lost one
and wondered
why I was chosen
to wait so long,
chained to eternity.

I watch a river
in my mind and
remember one saying:
Motion begets motion
and I,
lean forward, drawn,
compelled but I
cannot be released.
A river at night
is dark and cold.
I am waiting,
for your light.

I choose to wait
under dark sky
and cold stars
warm, burning somewhere,
oblivious to me.
I choose to wait
over being condemned
by those who do not know
I choose not to be
led by the blind.
At least I,
know my darkness
and admit.
I choose not to
love who I cannot love
and receive liens
for whom I have no

My persistence
belongs to death
as you do.
This waiting,
a circumstance, really.
Not a fault
that I wait alone
for a stolen dream
I have no night to.
Is loving freedom
enough to love?
I wait,
with random fate
spinning the wheels
and sleepless nights
I pace.
A fantasy sustains
me, keeps me

The world tries
to entice with
Its brights and vanity.
Except my loss
and shame resolves
There, it occurs
to me,
that it is better
to know I am
than crash and burn
my solitary destiny
and delicate machinery
with hopes already

Across time and space
and death, I send,
my love, to an address
with no end. Universal
mail is uncertain,
have I paid enough
in belief?

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