August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: Heat

The heat, sweltering, a perfect storm,
lightning outside my window,
tree branches sway in the rain, the
wildness insde me responds.
I step outside, pelted by small
cold drops, feeling like I am
meeting my mythic self, that
fears not the nature I am one with.
My soul is reflected in the turmoil.
Struggle and pain assault me, in
the storm is washed away, I am
clean and pure as the sky
above me, a baptism of
golden light. The storm finishes
and a rainbow forms, a compact
between man and god, that the
soul will never be destroyed. It
fulfillls the void inside me,
graciously deployed. It is
heaven touching down to earth,
a promise of new beginnings
and rebirth. A sadness may be
romantic but cannot last,
once was new but now is past.
Cry, cry, says the sky,
touching naked skin with cold
tears. Be humbled but do
not fear, the storm will
express it for you so even
god will hear. Free me from this
cage, this despondency and
rage, let me stand outside
and be one with the power
I feel inside, eternal as the
universe, as repetitive as the
tide, now humid, now hot,
now gray, now rain, now sun
again, the rhythm of weather,
the soothing of pain, the
storm goes on and the storm
will come again.

For a special feature for this month’s poem postings, Kaleidoscope will highlight the work of a single contributor. Please enjoy a collection of 10 poems from the artist Cassandra Kulay.