Someone: Cassandra Kulay

I’m feeling like I am someone,
I am feeling like I know what I want,
I am dreaming wide awake, I am
surprised by how much I can take.
I am in the groove, coming off smooth,
do you want me like I want you?
Outside the snow is falling, in the
Cold wind I can feel you calling,
I think of your name and I have the
Courage to rise again. I am
Someone, I think it’s true, I am
Someone that met you, someone
Who understands pain, someone
Who has known shame and it is not
In vain. I may not be a rock star,
I may not be in movies, I may not
Be a billionaire or a social climber
Who has gotten there. I may be a
Humble soul but I am loved and I
}Know my life matters, so let my
Thoughts scatter, they don’t have to
Always be brilliant or even make sense,
Just to give me the motivation I need
To live. I am someone who has something
To give, a spark that explodes in the dark,
I may not always know the way but I will
Keep you company if you stay.
I am someone in the shadows,
I am someone in the light, I am
Someone in the pitch black night.
Some things I have to say are
Valuable, some things I have to say
Are trite but my voice carries the
Uniqueness of my mind.
I am someone, I’ve lived long enough
To know it’s true, but the best part
Is knowing I am someone to you.