Yes, Love. Without it we’re not whole: John Oross

When I get where I belong.
Within her warm, loving, tender arms.
I will shed many, many tears.
To release both pain and joy.

For I’ve been waiting many years.
For her to enter my life.
I have her still within my heart.
This truth I simply can’t hide.

I’ve given away many precious things.
For her to come my way.
She’s the beat of my heart.
What more must I truly say.
Others have tried by her side.
To be where I truly belong.
That is why I walked away.
And am writing her this song.

Others want me to throw away.
My precious soul along the way.
In this exchange, I would receive.
Fame, fortune to come my way.

I do truly love them all.
Their my family within my heart.
They need me running this place.
That’s where I in truth belong.)

Without love within some one’s life.
Your moods turn black and blue.
So have you seen her, yes my wife?
She’s standing right next to you!

(PAUSE for dramatic effect) Laugh!

This is the reason for everything!
Good or bad within this world.
We are all searching for someone.
Without them, we are not whole.