Yes: John Oross

Yes,When I get where I belong.Within her warm, loving, tender arms.I will shed many, many tears.To release both pain and joy.Yes,For I've been waiting many years.For her to enter my life.I have her still within my heart.This truth I simply can't hide.Yes,I've given away many precious things.For her to come my way.She's the beat of … Continue reading Yes: John Oross

Cheers!: John Oross

I keep emptying,glass after glass,trying to forget,what I recall.Some memories are,NOT worth keeping.After all… Memory is indeed,a funny thing.We live out,lives making them.But without love,nothing is remembered.After all… I’ve kept giving,hoping for love.Made many millions,for other people.I am unknown,without a dime.After all… I’ve been homeless.I’ve been kind.I’ve been ruthless.I’ve been happy.

We’ve Been Down This Road: John Oross

Early in the morningNot sure where you’ve beenDrinking yourself to oblivion.To forget the pain within.It’s a rough road.When your love goes cold.No use in pretendingThis story is old. We’ve been down,Down, down, down…We’ve been down this road. Every night you’re drinking,Hoping to forget your plight.Holding onto good times,Trying to make things right.But in the end;You … Continue reading We’ve Been Down This Road: John Oross