Clear Skies: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

When rain and snow falls
Tears versus celebration and blessing
Love in the face of clouds
Peace that serves the skin
That reaches to the soul
Effecting our hope in life that walks
For journey that has no ending
The soul of glory and life
To live for life like snow covered evergreens
Clouds in the sky show the blue sky
Kisses seem the goal
Even animals work for the green meadow
Our sun versus thousands of stars
The mystery of the time of day under clouds
We hand our hearts to the path
Our very existence is in every step
Yet we often take the most fundamental things for granted
The strength of love and the basic light
The isolation that only ends when you admit you’re lost
You might have never confronted more difficulty than when you asked for help
But there’s no other way of growing
Wind hits the waves and the sky looks the same
Out of the lee of an island
Climbing to the top of a high rise, the sky still tells its story
The instinct of knowing of a storm
The sky can deceive
Mountains of clouds make the blue sky a city
Great minds search through the obscured
Satellites overcome
Spinning out of control we fix on what we know
Watching for a break in the sky to have a good day
As centred understanding accepts deception
We can learn with speculation
The meaning of numbers as if they’re words
We can learn what God means when the sky hits our hearts and tells our mind