Deliberation: Henry Peters

I crawled into an abyss of dread
and beheld the horror
of its ugly head
expecting, then believing
it would teach me the invaluable
lessons I needed to learn
about honesty and truth
from the darker side of life
in the underground.

I swear it’s true!
I saw Nietzsche there
standing upside-down
and when I crawled over
sideways, to look straight
into his suffering eyes
he spat in my face
fell off his head
and quickly retreated
into deeper despair.
“Praise to you, O Master
of the powers that be!”
was all that I could mutter
in an ecstatic state
of decadent delight.

I swear it’s true!
since that fateful day
I can see a radiance of light
in the eyes of everyone I meet.