Gerbilwocky By Susan Maria Rowley

The musical
___like godspell
_____only different
skittering down deserted
___back alleys
_____full of payday fervor
with jazzy hands
___floating into BFI bins
faithful to the deities
___of the half-basement suites
where hollyhock’s ghosts
___whisper saxophone memories
in the damp nights of temptation
___ the gerbilwocky will survive
even this
_____ and other busloads of
_____peanut butter and jam crumbs
and abandoned funeral pastries
___lonely for love
_____ but never without hope
the rhapsody persists
___and insights
tell me, tell me when?
___tell me how?
moldy hippies look up
from their transporter devices
___and blink back tears
___of remembrance