Good Eats By Jordan Derksen

Eating in a restaurant is a luxury.
It’s hard to remember every meal
You have ever eaten.
With all its flavour and enjoyment.
I remember eating raw cat fish
And river mud in the rain.
It was not the best,
But I will always remember it.
There are those meals
That are a celebration
Like killing that bear that
Has been tracking you through the woods.
And then you are slow cooking
Bear meat on moss and twigs.
Eating just bear meat for days.
All you can eat.
Then there are those meals
You are oh so thankful for.
Like when you make it out
Of the woods and back
To civilization and the only thing
You have to eat is raw
Hot dogs and mustard.
Eating a whole pack of hot dogs with mustard
And to be oh so thankful.
Thank the lord of the universe
The only thing I have to eat
Is raw hot dogs and mustard.