True Surrender By John Oross

Oh how I cry in true surrender
To the love inside my heart so tender
I think back over many yesterdays
To all the love I have given away
I am really waiting expectantly
For my love to come back to me
I have given towards many through the Shrine
For I love everyone for all time
Oh how I want to turn back time
In order to make you mine

Oh how you are my true dream
Waiting patiently is harder than it seems
So I try not to give anymore away
Until such time as you come my way
My art is a part of my very soul
Each piece I’ve given has taken its toll
When you don’t exist in people’s lives
You don’t have the acquaintances that you deserve
So I am waiting for that very day
That you will finally come my way

So you’re finally coming my way
When however I truly can’t say
In order to be whole you need someone
To have and to hold becoming one
Life not shared is truly no fun
So I’m waiting for that very day
Perhaps that day is actually today
I am waiting to share our first embrace
To share life at our own pace
I look forward to being a part of your life