Myth By James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love


Maybe we are supposed to learn to appreciate our ancestors
God’s were those we worshipped as those reincarnated thereby eternal
And it was the morals they lived by that determined that
Our God is god of gods and all true worship is the same
In truth power is and was alignment with the truth of love and forgiveness
They set people free
Maybe the giraffe will go the way of the unicorn or the griffin
Mankind has vanquished more than we know
Imagine a world as rich in variety as centaurs and minotaurs and flying giants
Men taller than trees
Imagine rhinoceroses becoming that of legend with the moose and the elk
People would guffaw at the idea of an elephant
But maybe if we let go of our pain over loss that would mean angels and planets in the night sky
We can visit them eternally
Your favorite pet
And you could ride on the back of a great white shark
Or hold onto the dorsal fin of a blue whale
Maybe there are flying whales on other planets with ten foot lilies
What is myth other than a promise of glory greater than we can imagine
The prophets won the game for us
The Father is all and in all at any given moment unique among all life
He can bring that wherever He goes
All I have to do is look around and see all of it is His to be part of it
We can’t believe everything we are told but we can keep our minds open
Innocent as doves and wise as serpents
We have to take on the force of destruction with love and forgiveness
Then none of it will go lost in our hearts and then not at all