I Cross the Universe By Peter Herget

As universe among universe…
Come colliding together
As worlds without end
Come crashing down
It is only then
The realization sets in
That nothing is or ever was
As important as us
Here together for one last moment
As thoughts pass on
Thinking about what is to come
Of us after all is settled.
What will become of this universe?
And what it has given to us
To survive.
This world may not ever
Be perfect but it is all
We have ever had.
As long as we have each other,
Side by side we will remain
From here and beyond it all.
As it all comes crashing down
On us.
It is our love that will survive.
Through it all
As our hearts beat on
With every breath we take
Let nothing stand in our way
Of the love that we share here
On our final moments together.
Love, may it last forevermore.
Time is ever moving
Never still between then and now
Let now be then and
Then be now and
Now be forevermore into the abyss
Of time itself.