Plenty of Angels in the Sky: John Oross

As the sun was shining down
From up above in the bright blue sky
Everyone was at peace, filled with love
Enjoying the sun, Haiti style
Dealing with their daily lives
Under the peace of tranquil skies
Suddenly there was rumbling
Nowhere to run…
No place to hide…
Why did this disaster have to happen?
They did not have to die…
God is not greedy
He already has
Plenty of angels in the sky.
Lives built upon where the fault hides
Shattered buildings, collapsed homes
Rubble, dirt, death and disease
They deserve better from all of us
Give to cover their needs
We should build structure
The USA will take the lead
New buildings to be built
To withstand almost anything
We should open our doors
Give freely of our food and clothes
The true wealth in life is life itself
Let us give them back
Out of love…out of love…
Pray that they have found…
The way there alright…
We shall remember…
Help is coming…
Hold on tight…
God has plenty of angels in the sky.