The River Still Flows: Jessica Finkel

I can smell you
so here we are
under the stars above
you are love to me
like the stories of many
they say to us now
we will weave our own.
With many days in nature together
and apart
in our work, in our lives,
in our long times spent together
as the cycle changes
our work will bring us to
stronger beckonings
for we are always destined
to love stronger
to always grow wiser
to always return to each other
in many a form
many a place
taste and a word
I will always love you
and can not ever go back
there is the nature of everything
that has shown me the metaphor
these little things immortal
in my memory and mind
the music, the smells
the sounds of laughter
still play
I am happy, I am warm
and I still cannot ever admit that
I now know the full of what love is.