Monster's Masquerade: John Oross

All my monsters lurking
behind their beautiful masks
watch as our parade people
unfolds at first glance
let’s have a ball baby…Ya
I’m in charge of this dance
our time is now…Ya
so let’s get up off our ass
Ya our time is now
monster’s masquerade

Colourful artistic pageantry
a flow of patterns and life
art and design combined
living through participation
or life will pass us by
to take your place baby…Ya
upon this floor of mine
Ya… before our time is over…
and we’ve gone out this door…

High fashion brand abound
Armani, Dior, Haus of Gaga
come on baby…Ya
so let’s get up off our asses
let’s make our time together baby…
Ya… one that will forever last…
hold onto these memories…
as if this is our last dance…

Free flowing structure
claws up everywhere
let’s see them raised up high
get your bodies moving…Ya
let us make this song take flight
I’ll make this song continue
throughout the entire night…
Ya… live life in the moment…
take a bite out of this night
Pop culture is here to stay
Ya… naysayers take flight…