Terrified To Fall: Stephen Sigurdson

Can you see some calm, through the lifelines in
my palm?
Can you see some serenity, through the leaves
in my tea?
Can you see some hope, through the stars
Can you see some good fortune, please I need
to know gypsy woman.
Generally I do not look ahead, however, today I
cannot cope, I want some reassurances read.
I am told to make lemonade when dealt a
lemon, I wonder as this captures my attention.
Well today my stand is closed, it is too cold,
I just do not have the strength, I do not feel
What I am looking for is a sliver of hope, I
really am tired of constantly gripping this rope.
I have a long distance to climb, but I am
running out of strength and time.
If only I had a crystal ball, because I am
terrified to fall.


From the self-published book of poetry, “Lemonade” (2014)