I Weep For You: Marie LeBlanc

My thoughts
Of every moment
Spent together
On our journey
Creates havoc
In my mind and soul
Of what the future holds ahead

So Unexpectedly
Your passing
Left me in
Mass disarray

Your body leaving
Rips my soul
I weep for you
My daily tears

I feel your heart
From up above
Beat so soft
With light and love

Like the butterfly you are
With grace and eloquence
You changed the lives
Of whom you touched
Close to all, both near and far

My sweet guardian angel
You carry me on your wings
Protecting me at every turn
I see you in my dreams

Through twists and turns
Upon my path
I hear your voice
From up above
Wishing well, full of love

Always having had my back
Now I am lost without you
You offered me encouragement
In good times and the bad
You were the one I placed my trust
To share along my path
With regrets
I did not show my gratitude enough

On that fateful day
If I had only known
I would have told you
How you changed my life
And how much I have grown

Each time I see a butterfly
Wings fluttering in the air
I think of you
Planting seeds of life that blossom everywhere