Love: Richard Edwards

It is beauty
That is
But is,
When two are joined as one

To be free
Love is what we offer
When we see
Someone to be wed
It is said that there is bliss

With one little kiss
The heart and soul are joined as one
Never to be undone
There is a blessing
kind sir and miss

The kiss
Is a sign of eternal happiness
The joy is spread
As is honey

It carries it is sweet and tenderness
I hope all goes well in this bliss

Hope is eternal
It is what I wish
You will have content
Love is heaven sent

Eternal bliss
It created with one little kiss
I see

When  I look at loved one
Their hearts beat
In its gentle rhythm
Baptism of  hope
It is what they are offered

By the song of love

Of lovers in love
The sign is from above

To their hearts  young
May they love each other
For eternity come to pass
The song is beauty
It speaks to thee
Of hope
Be free

In many an eternal way
Hope is eternal
Come what may
Lovers have their say