Wasted Youth: Kym Boulay

She glanced in the mirror at her reflection.
What she saw was far from perfection.
She looked at her nose, she considered too long.
She looked at her lips that appeared all wrong.
Her eyes were too big, her lashes too thin.
Her cheeks were so pudgy and too rounded her chin.
She hated her forehead, her skin type, her hair.
She hated her figure and thought life unfair.
Then days turned to months and months became years.
Girl turned to woman with new worries and fears.
The girl became older as time wondered by.
Her face became wrinkled, her hands became dry.
Now an old withered photo she’s holding.
She looks at herself that before years unfolded.
She looks at the pretty brown eyes full of light.
And wishes it back with all of her might.
She looks at the radiant smile she once hated.
And looks at the glow of her skin that’s now faded.
Beautiful colour richer hair she once had.
That’s now turned to silver and makes her so sad.
She put her head down and started to cry.
With beauty like that, how could life pass her by?