Spring: Cassandra Kulay

The snow has turned to slush,
The street’s covered in mud,
A gentle wind blows, redolent
With the freshness of spring,
Soon flowers will bloom and
Trees regain their leaves,
People will bask in the summer
Sun and life will be easier for
Everyone. The rains begin to
Fall, creating an icy surface
That covers all, puddles are
Deep but being outside is
Joyous after being trapped
Indoors all winter long. Birds
Are starting to return from
Their journey south and soon
We will hear their song. Geese
Walk the streets like they own
The city, dressed in black and
Brown, the scenery is so pretty.
Another harsh winter we have
Survived, now is time for
Celebration, spring deserves our
Salutation. Right now snow and
Dirt abounds but soon flowers and
Plants will grow in the moist and
Fertile ground. Say goodbye to
Shovelling and wading through
Snow, the new season is ending
Our winter woes. Welcome to
Warmth and beauty everywhere,
The scent of spring is in the air.