Getting Somewhere: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

The earth trembles
The light manifests
Water forms into a lake
Some distinction rises into the victory of the sky
The stars are in succession
Forests battle like ice ages dying
The night sky in a field of grass
The day bonds with our minds
Tiger burning bright in a love for life itself
Holding on gives strength
Skies blow us life icebergs change the landscape
Polar bears carry our hope
What decision brought me here
To mysterious deers whose eyes blow my mind
Three of them running into the mall downtown
Gifts like fights I would have never won
Hearts pounding like strength is a total mystery
Celebrity mixed with active awe
The climbs of a prairie dweller
The slightest incline as if scaling Everest
I fall into her arms
Spinning like the universe
Lost in thoughts of relativity even if I understood
An elevator to the stars
In the hands of love greater than all thought