Horizon: Cassandra Kulay

When I think of all the times
You have been there for me,
I see across a horizon of time,
Life was a lonely journey for me,=
I lost purpose but now I am trying
To find it, the rolling fields of the
Mind will bring great yields, the 
Contemplation of the sublime.
I could be searching for the end
But I know I will never find it
Because it disappears into the 
Horizon. A watercolour landscape
That calms the nerves and hints 
And hints at a promise, the
Celebration of nature touches a 
Receptive part of us. The wisdom
Of the elements bring us peace,
The burning fire, the cool breeze, 
The vast waters, the on which we 
Stand. In the distance two lovers
Holding hands, on the horizon
They meet and may separate
Eventually but their love is
Eternal, although life has an end,
We all look to the horizon and hope
To meet friends and loved ones
Again. The horizon is where we 
Travel, to where we cannot know
For sure, no matter how far we go,
We never seem to get there, only
To see the horizon stretching out
Into the future.