A Word More: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

The meanings of things is a heart
The heart of meaning is a mother
She cooks in the kitchen
She cares for children
The beating of the heart of a man
Words speak of things beyond us
They can put words to nothing
Even as though it is something
Women can see ghosts
The moon is a reflected light
Like a ghost
Things beyond us are words
Like mother or friend or woman
Sometimes regretful things need to be done
The division between words and women
A garden
She plants tomatoes
The soil bends her mind
Cooking what comes from that spirits her life
What spirits our life is a window onto a garden
Words fly like an autumn breeze
Leaves leave us standing at window
Crows rip apart the garden
She sees a hawk no one else does
With leaping rabbits and running squirrels
Life hits like a pane of glass
Years have gone by like a second
She loves the garden
But her time in my mind had to end
So I could see leaves the way children do
And play with words for her
Build a kitchen
See her as mom
Hear her beating heart
Make friends with my brother
Watch her build cities
Apple pie. Turkey and ham
Know my heart beats
Say what is beyond words
Like a string of thread a million miles long
Where dew drips off its end
And soil holds blood 
Kisses and children become the same
Ghosts are helped passed their office
Friends show up
A path between the house and the garden
I don’t know what bends her mind
As if I just knew what it was
She escapes me like an effort to love
I let her go to be with her
With words that capture death
So all things are her finger tip
And we can talk about who we are
Family taught of a beginning to life
The sun shines now
People argue about yesterday
They sing and laugh about tomorrow
Where ghosts dance in the wind
For the last time
Children at her apron
And through our lives
Hope is everyone
Walking on the ground
That sees a new light
A handful of mud with lost meaning
Abandoned into the moment she fainted
She lived for a day
A life is found where a cycle is an intersection
We smile about trust that we can be together
The ground was frozen
As we wait for her latest masterpiece