Bus Ride: Betty Carmichael

When I was in High School I went on a holiday to Okatokes, Alberta by Greyhound bus to visit my friend, Tanice. She still lived with her mom and her new boyfriend, Ron. She had a sister named Jodie and she was so cute with red hair and freakles!  We always played games on her and we were mean. 

I remember going to a party with Tanice and I met a nice guy. His name was Miles Court. We hung out at the party and kissed. Tanis saw that and said, “Okay Betty! It’s time to leave”!  So after that bit of fun we left. I stayed at Tanis’ for two weeks and when it came time to leave I did not want to go. 

Janis’ mom said she would adopt me but didn’t want to take me away from my family. Tanis’ mom made the best spaghetti with lots of cheese! Well, that holiday ended and I had to go back home. I I rode home on the Greyhound bus again, but this one hydroplaned into the ditch under pounding rainfall.

I ended up in the hospital and had to stay a couple of days. At that time I wore a brace on my back. When the ambulance came to take me to the hospital, I asked if I could have a cigarette first and it was okay! So I had my smoke then we went to the hospital. 

When I was ready to go home I had to go back by bus again! What a holiday!