August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: The Innocent

Baby blue, growing up is hard to do,
You cry about the world but the world
Doesn’t cry about you. Life is difficult
And this earth is rough terrain, we do
All we can to mask the pain, you don’t
Know a lot about substance or style,
You don’t get much choice in what
Makes life worthwhile. Cradled in
Someone else’s arms, innocent of
Anything or anyone that would do
You harm. Life grows more complex
With the passage of time, when you
Know what you want, you’ll have to
Wait in line, when you crave what is
Bad for you, you’ll suffer no matter
What you do. Sometimes juggling the
Dark and light can keep you confused
And polarized, too late to take back
You’re first breath, the enormity of it
All might scare you to death but hope
Comes from that gentle warmth that
Surrounds you and motivates your
Heart. Someone holds you, someone
Loves you, someone always cares about
You, you’ll tread the path that some say
You were meant to, stumbling through
Loss, sorrow and adventure, the sun
Giving you a glow, you might even be
Happy sometimes, you never know.
I don’t mean to minimize the suffering
Involved in life but your presence is a
Miracle, no matter what goals you’ll
Have in mind. All you need to do is be
True to you and appreciate sympathy
When you find it, let love get a hold of
You and free your spirit to soar.

For this month’s poem postings, Kaleidoscope will highlight the work of a single contributor. Please enjoy a collection of 10 poems from the artist Cassandra Kulay.