Sun: Cassandra Kulay

Today the sun glints off the snow,
deep inside, I feel aglow, the
fact of happiness can be known,
although the reasons for it can be
mysterious, strange as the sadness,
the grief that comes and goes, I have
spent my life learning to manage,
to find some way to dispell that
darkness, then sometimes the sun
comes out, for a particular reason
sometimes, sometimes not, the
sun shines and I am glad to be
alive, not wishing life to end, to
come to its inexorable conclusion, 
but embracing the beauty of
existing as me, in my skin, in
my mind, I find the freedom and
exhilaration that I was hoping to
find, because the sun shines, my
fears cannot stand up to the light,
the fresh air alleviates my cares,
walking toward my destination, I
find I am happy and I am grateful,
struggling not to be trapped in my
individuality, knowing that somehow
I am capable of adapting and
overcoming, knowing I can do
more than cry and die inside,
I contribute to the gestalt of the
collective mind, subconscious
desires are shared with unexpected
finds, I am part of the human
race and, at least some of the time,
the sunlight guides my way.