August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: Seascape

Gulls fly overhead, only a few
signaling summer is almost dead.
The first snow kissed the ground,
the sun is still warm as when we
walked on the beach, collecting shells.
I miss the seascape painted inside my
soul, I miss the feelings that heal my
heart, I would know that a new leaf
is turned, it is just a season that will
return. The waves along a lonely
shore, the wind that brings the rain
and snow, the welcome feeling of
nowhere to go, put summer to bed and
store that seascape in your head, that
wilderness infused in blood, even when
the winter comes. Pagan October is
coming soon, all that is hidden comes
to life. Other beauties, other seasons,
other reasons to celebrate, to share and
feel, but right now I am living in my mind,
staring into the blue, watching that lonely
seascape with you. Say goodbye, say
goodnight, memories fade into
twilight. Just as Sara turned into
a pillar of salt, looking back distracts me,
but when I see the seascape, I am always
happy, now sometimes I am thoughtful,
sometimes I am sad but the feelings
impressed upon me still cause me to
look back.

For this month’s poem postings, Kaleidoscope will highlight the work of a single contributor. Please enjoy a collection of 10 poems from the artist Cassandra Kulay.