August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: Room

Spider webs form beyond the door,
I feel my way without knowing what
I’m looking for, empty memories
gather dust, I know what I had but
not who I can trust, all this ‘ennui
replacing faith, doubt spins around
like a child’s mobile, there is no true
direction, only options and a
temporary hope. Shadows slip in
and out of one another with the
smoothness of silk, life ebbs and
flows through my blood, searching
for inspiration, aiming for the
silence of death. Rhymes are worn
and solitude is now embraced, I
envision the bygone beauty of your
face, once so young and supple,
now careworn and laced with lines
so fine, a ballet of communication.
I bow my head to the sun and rain
that decorates our days. I will feel
it but never know it, that cosmic
radiance that pays heed to no man,
it is the existence of things and not
the knowing of them that shakes
and breaks us like earthquakes.
Once I had possessions too, although
we never met, I bet I was once like
you. The room I made for thought
has become a strategy I could not
overcome, to touch the soul which
reflects hollow images of itself,
speaking of speaking to that which
has no reality anymore. The room
where impressions of emotions
are stored, fine cobwebs defining
corners, the identity boxed in but
set free by a faint breeze from an
open window, spreading seeds of
visions only I can see. I am trapped
inside the room but the room is
inside me

For this month’s poem postings, Kaleidoscope will highlight the work of a single contributor. Please enjoy a collection of 10 poems from the artist Cassandra Kulay.