August Feature ~ Cassandra Kulay: Romance

The sun is lovely, the rain
late coming, sweethearts wander,
hand in hand, deaf to what the
world demands.
The winter is coming, the icy
breath of frost denuding the
trees, romance is sadness,
sooner or later, will one or the
other leave?
Will ideals be tainted, will
one’s faith grow dim?
Think of her always thinking
of him, he looks for solace
from the solitary whim.
If he could be alone with
his thoughts, romance
would last, she would remain
a dream, not a practicle reality.
The romantics struggle to
bridge the gap, heartbreak is
preferable to ordinary facts.
They struggle towards an
artifice, thinking it is a
deeper truth, the drama is
facinating, drama ensues.
Under heavens firmament,
they are forever dancing with
their own emotions, every
fantasy they can invent
leads them forwards.
Backwards, we must tell
each other everything,
that is love, honesty, perfection,
we must let each other be a
mystery to kindle romance.
Trying this way and that,
sometimes they find peace
despite the contrast.
Look at the stars, so
remarkable and so ancient.
We are one before god,
we are one before man,
they say we can’t keep
together but we’ll prove
that we can.
The couple is still walking,
the sun is still shining,
the clouds are still obscuring
the endless sky.
Will you still love me if
I become a little less
passionate, not so
claivoyant, a little less
All those things are
fleeting and easy to trip
over extremes?
Just be with me and
that’s enough.
The winter is coming and
the couple still thinks
they are in love.

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