Replete: C. Fay Shlanda

When I remind myself there’s nothing lacking in who I’ve become
Perfection is not what I mean
There are those moments in my life that I can still think of and cringe
Plus the ones that can’t be unseen

Naming those positive things that reside in the here and the now
And believing the future’s vast
It’s learning to let go of the blame of what has transpired before
So I’m not captive to my past

All the family and friends who stayed through all the rough and good days
Are those I enjoy in my life
The connections are cast aside should someone show themselves as false
Like cutting off cords with a knife

Though glamorous does not describe the company where I’m employed
Still my choice of job I’ll defend
What I get is the spare time to do what does makes me happier
Which makes it a means to an end

Creating a safe place in which to grow in spirit, body and mind
Raises up my overall health
Being able to be there and to assist in another’s life
Has much more value than mere wealth

Looking at the pieces that makes up the person I am today
I know I live a life complete
Yet it’s having you as my partner to walk alongside of me
That makes my life’s journey replete