Let it Happen: Jo-Anne Paley

It was a day of global connection.
Lulled by the charms of Winnipeg.
Love began.
Pleasing us.
We listened to our hearts,
Let it happen.
We take our place in today’s chapter of history.
At The Forks National Historic Site.
We find ‘romance on the rails’
by retreating back 6,000 years in time.
Stealing from each other’s pasts,
we become alike,
as we feel the attraction this place has,
moving into the new millennium.
A tourists masterpiece was created,
through intertwined love, then and now.
Rooted in caring-
now a festive shopping and entertainment centre.
Wrapped in needing-
Meeting all your worldly needs.
Encompassed in understanding.
A gift of God – ‘way out west’,
in the emergence of Winnipeg.
The “Gateway to the Canadian West”.
Use this ‘Historic Grand Central Train Terminal’,
now a year-round Manitoba Park,
to book your own special family,
community or group event.