Sleep: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

Sleep is the wood forms that support an archway while it is being built
The arch supports itself after they are taken away
Then water rises and the stones of the archway are submersed
As if they are water as well
Over time the water rises a kilometre over the arches
Then the water floods away
Leaving a palace of archways that rise to the sky
A man walks through it
Then many and then a town rises around it
Wild dogs attack the people in the town and they find refuge in the palace
Then monsters rival the palace
Yet deep within the people resides the king and queen
Their love emanates so much that the water stones freeze
Deep corners hold the warmth of love
The palace is high upon a mountain
Then it slowly, with the power of eons return to the plains by the ocean
Sweat appears on the backs of the workers
And then grit sticks to their sweat
So that the stones are rocks again
Night descends and the sound of monsters on the plains can be heard
The price insists he must face the monsters
but as he nears them his fears paralyze him
Yet he persists in just standing there because power must exist
that allows the palace to stand
As he moves towards the monsters
they turn out to be more scared than him than he is of them
He searches the globe for power
But his search only gives him the love of a woman
And that makes him see the reason the palace stands is love and forgiveness
As he builds the wooden forms that are to be taken away
he sees he can’t live forever
So returns to his parents with his love
And awakens to the very reality he was living