Freedom: Marjolaine Brodeur

Wow! It’s done. I am now free to begin making plans for the next phase of my life. Freed from the shackles that had insidiously grown tighter and tighter on my life; my shoulders are still achy from having borne the many responsibilities that became mine alone to bear as the people who made up the team of volunteers slipped away and left me alone to do the work of the many.

Did no one know how difficult it was to make any plans for the betterment (financial or personal) when so many events were rescheduled at the last minute? Why didn’t anyone ask me how they could be of help, or to show them how I did the jobs that I did before events?

Oh well, that’s in the past. I’ve tendered my resignation. But, surprise, surprise, there are many who have mentioned that they might take up the slack. I shake my head and turn my thoughts to the starting of making new plans for my life, freed from those responsibilities that crept up to take over my life. Wow!