The Secret: Pamela Wain

It is a secret, you must never tell.
Secrets are forever, shared between two people.
A secret sits on top of a steeple
right on the tip, say one word, it will slip.
A secret is forever, a person should never, never
tell another a soul, it is a lifelong goal.
A secret is followed by a threat
you live your life in a pool of sweat.
Trying to keep it all inside, you have been taught
you have got to hide, tell your secret, you will pay.
You will be sent to a school far away.
Everyone will be real hurt
they will up and leave, gone in a squirt.
If anybody did find out, you would lose your family.
There is no doubt.
He was right;
I told my secret one day, most of my family ran away.
I was too old to be sent away to school.
When I left, I was no fool.
But it is not a secret anymore.
I am working on my life, opening a door.