Winnipeg The Creative Vortex: Dawn Mcdonnal

It is cold in Winnipeg many months of the year.
What else is there to do but art?
You know we are busy creating art,
the population is too low for anything else.

So what is Winnipeg’s appeal?
What about it creates the amount of artists that it does?
I think it is the energy of the three rivers… coming together.
Bringing creative energy in their current.

Winnipeg is like a creative vortex.
It births people who create all manner of objects.
Whether it is art for the walls or art on a stage,
we send creators out to all corners of the world from here.

We are a community of creators and healers.
Our art, our music, our stories heal many.

Winnipeg is cold for a purpose.
It drives us in.  Into ourselves.
Deep into the depths of the primordial creative ooze
so that all may have the opportunity to find their way.