Ocean Girl: Elton Plett

Well the big star in the sky
Has been rising today
Comes up in the east
And in the west it fades away

Well my teddy bear
Has got a tear in the side
But that’s okay he really don’t mind
Can’t you see he’s much happier that way

Well the usual breeze has been blowing today
It’s always real cold but today there’s been a sudden change

I’m going to sit right down here under the shade
Make an angel in the snow
Sit and talk about what’s been happening in heaven today

Because my ship has sailed
I’ve gone away
It’s very funny you see
You can’t catch me
‘Cause I’m as happy now
As a monkey in a jungle full of trees

So don’t wait up
Don’t bother to fill my morning cup
I’ve gone for a ride
I think I’ll give the ocean
I’ll give the ocean
A whirl
Then I’ll swim away
With my mermaid fish-tailed ocean girl
My ocean girl, my ocean girl