You: Cassandra Kulay

You are near and dear
to my soul,
you are the part
that makes me whole.
You are my world,
I am quite obsessed,
even when our love
is put to the test.
Each day is a snapshot
of how we feel,
my love for you is a
story no one can steal.
Between us,
there is a trust.
We can share
the best of us.
I won’t talk of miracles
or a parting of the
heavens, our love is
earth-bound although it
strives past what is given.
You are a graven image
on my heart and I start
to feel the appeal of you
keeping me close and true.
You are the answer to the
most haunting of questions,
who will help me endure
this threatening existence?
You are the light in the
darkest depression, with
you I feel free,
Immune to troubles
and suppression.
You are the rain
on dry earth, you are
spiritual rebirth, you are
a salve for the herd.
Plants will grow in the dirt
composed of good and
bad experiences.
Green and lush,
our furtile imaginations
explode into bloom.
What was once feared
will be conquered soon.
Our love will stand
the test of time,
reality enshrined in rhyme.