Something to Know: James Adamson

To The Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love


It is like something primeval and lollipops too.
It hurts and I could dwell on that but I am just happy
there was a crow and I became dear to it and called it a sweetie.
It blinked at me in stupefaction.
All the most beautiful things have become a display
that we all share to same substance.
Flowers seem to stare back at me as if in accusation
they ask if I fully appreciate them
yet there are countless ways in which everything is connected.
We all ask questions as if just for the fun of it
as if we all know we could just wait
but it is communication that is the whole point.
It is fun talking especially with the anticipation of sincerity
I look right in the mirror and it is still hard to say how I look.
I mean I have a pretty good self image but appearance is elusive
maybe just for the fun of it.
It seems that the more my love for her is challenged
the more surly we hold each other.
Even a across the universe we more surly hold hands
the scent of a rose fills my mind the more my heart is exposed.
Interpretation takes faith in its relevance especially with animals.
The chasm is breached waiting to share a word even with my cat
yet more precisely, a baby more so who you try and tell all you know.
And my lover blossoms like an infinite moment to be exposed in heaven
seeing into her mind
the way my feelings roll at the time.
Maybe there is nothing more than that infinity
as her pupils teach me all there is.