Lantern of Longevity: Richard Bartos

I have bought a Chinese lantern recently,
and it is an ornamental item of picturesque,
nature, artistic and beautiful constantly,
by which the lantern which is not amiss,
we see the color red most dominantly,
in the spectrum of the colors and with,
six dragon heads at the top and also bottom,
of their panels there hangs in mirth,
a medallion from the top dragon’s smirk,
by a thin red thread which has an ornamental,
design I know not what along with plastic panels,
which shows various scenes from imperial China,
much pleasing to the eye and the color red,
for longevity the color of blood alive not dead,
and we will wish this blessing on all who,
can prosper from it now and in the future to do,
the proper formula of wise moves in the grooves.